Tevez apologises for Man City being a bunch of dicks

On February 22, 2012, in News, by editor

Argentinian striker Carlos Tevez has finally apologised for Manchester City following his refusal to come on in the Champions League, and now says he is willing to forgive them as long as he can join in kick abouts with them once more. The former Manchester United forward ended his exile by saying ’seriously, I quite fancy a kick about today.’

Reading his formal apology to the press a City spokesman read ‘I would just to like to apologise to everyone who saw how big a dick Man City were with my treatment. After 5 months of golf and swimming pools I’m willing to forgive them and continue picking up my £250,000 a week salary…Until AC Milan up their bid of course…Because I’m still home sick, and all that noise.’

City boss Roberto Mancini has yet to decide whether to include Tevez in his future squads but did say ‘yeah why not, if we can’t win the league with £400 millions worth of talent we might as well add some more until we get there. I love competition.’

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