EXCLUSIVE: New England kit is white

On February 23, 2012, in News, by editor

The colour white can be found in use for many things, such as hotel towels

The DA can exclusively reveal that the new England shirt to be worn at the European Championships in 2012 will be white, after leaked Wikipedia entries revealed that we play in white. The makers Umbro have gone against tradition and removed the little blue bit on the collar, so that some idiots will pay another £40.00 to have the shirt removed from little blue bits on the collar.

A spokesman for Umbro claimed ‘we call this the modern, lazy look. Basically, our designers couldn’t be f***ed to do anything fancy, but we still kinda wanted to make shit loads of money. So we got some white material, taped on an England badge and before you know it, that’ll be £40 quid please.’

The colour white is available from all good retail outlets and can often be found around the home. Try getting a bath towel, sketching on some lions and then standing outside your house yelling ‘£40 quid a pop, come on, step right up. Genuine England shirt for sale!’ and see if you make some money.

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