Your glorious leader

National Address

Great people of your Democratic Republic of Steve Kean…It’s 3am and I am f***ing pissed!!! I just tied your all commanding Yakubu to a lamp post and I’m now urinating on the front garden of a lesser mortal than myself.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee f***ing beat Swaaaaaansea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Swansea?!!!! The second best team in the world…Obviously a long way behind our glorious self. The title is ours to lose now, and as you know, we never lose anything. And if we do, we deploy our nuclear defences at dawn and aim right for their f***ing heads…I’ve said too much. Because I’m wasssstedddd!!!

Come on Yak, lets feast on kebab until we yak…Haahahahaha I’m hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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