Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has warned that Champions League opponents Thin Air could still cause a serious threat at Old Trafford next week if wind pressures over the Atlantic Ocean gain momentum. United strolled to a 2-0 victory against the tame weather last night taking advantage of a calm northern front but the Scotsman warned that 2 away goals is not always enough against worthy opponents such as heavy wind.

He claimed ‘we outplayed Thin Air tonight, we really did, but it only takes a night of severe gusts and we find ourselves with a problem. That’s the problem with the weather; you just never quite know how it’s going to perform. Nani tends to be knocked over by gales of around 5mph so we really will have to add caution to our game. When we drew air in the semis we knew it’d be a bit unpredictable, but tonight I thought we showed our ability to beat some of the best invisible opponents in the world.

The Premiership League leaders now look certain to take on either Barcelona or Real Madrid at Wembley in the Champions League final but goalscorer Ryan Giggs believes the players mustn’t start thinking ahead to the big occasion. The Welshman added ‘We have to give Thin Air the respect it deserves in the second leg. We’ve all been caught out in a bit of a breeze and we know it’s not pleasant. I expect it’ll be no different next week.’

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