The DA rounds up the weekend’s action by checking up on some the star’s Facebook statuses:

Avram Grant is really going to have to suck up to his bosses for Christmas now. I’ve bought them an Xbox and a Scalextric. Hello new four year deal!

Lee Cattermole only ever seems to get Christmas cards from referees…

Carlo Ancelotti is pleased with his idea to take a hose round the outskirts of Stamford Bridge. Form 0 Ancelotti 1

Andy Gray says thank you very much snow. For the first time in 20 years I have to go sofa shopping on a Sunday.

Sam Allardyce is trying to avoid poultry in protest. Why the f*** did I have to move so close to a KFC? The smell is irresitable!

Our transfer window is back open again and you could have a new section of our site ‘the terrace’ named after you. All you have to do is find people to sign up to our Facebook page. Once they’re onboard claim your signing and we’ll tally in who bought the most new recruits. The winner will have a terrace named after them…How many people can say that?!! So get scouting…

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